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Grar! Here's a discussion topic for you, gramma!

Okay... so if monkeys are in the Typewriterland, then why on earth is the spleen out in the middle of triffic? I mean, Margaret Spellings in orange jailsuit dragg and all, and the fast re-re-re-fried (yuck that's strange color mould that's broken) potatochip salad-crichy ALIENs, sure, but the dead, greay-barked, hoping hup and doon tuna fish? ANd the rocket Laucher? (I aimed it at barbie with two E's and her barbie-queue banged itself into millions of slimy jolts, but that didn't help, since it was sickeningly batterised anyway.) AND THE FRICKIN" RECORD PLAYER?

I mean, man, it just ain't trippin' the homies, yo!

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Firckin' halo, man! Am I gonna speak the speech? Or will repetition come naturally? Th4e evils of comupter science and graphics are slowly encroaching upon the horizon, for life, liberty, and the pursuit on happiness, all of these are but shards of candy in the very great glass eye of the elevator head egg sive. Chine, and the got your back person will wear what the hell ever he wants, and why shouldn't he? This'll keep going, unto death do us part.

*cracks up laughing* wow, that was quite random. nice. *shakes head * wow it's way to early for me.