Pico the Great (pico_the_great) wrote in vamp_llamas,
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Grar! Here's a discussion topic for you, gramma!

Okay... so if monkeys are in the Typewriterland, then why on earth is the spleen out in the middle of triffic? I mean, Margaret Spellings in orange jailsuit dragg and all, and the fast re-re-re-fried (yuck that's strange color mould that's broken) potatochip salad-crichy ALIENs, sure, but the dead, greay-barked, hoping hup and doon tuna fish? ANd the rocket Laucher? (I aimed it at barbie with two E's and her barbie-queue banged itself into millions of slimy jolts, but that didn't help, since it was sickeningly batterised anyway.) AND THE FRICKIN" RECORD PLAYER?

I mean, man, it just ain't trippin' the homies, yo!

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